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Global Crop — a company that is engaged in the wholesale trade of seeds and grain for food and feed purposes. The main motive is not just massive deliveries but also complex solutions. Our big goal is to provide high-quality and safe agricultural raw materials for further production of healthy food and feed.

We specialize in growing, processing and trade of seeds/cereals and semi-products, such as:
• millet, mustard seeds, linseeds, oats, lupines, safflower, buckwheat, coriander, lentils, peas, etc.;
• linseed cake, soybean meal, apple pomace;
• linseed oil, soybean oil.

Our advantages:
• own production and storage units in the East Europe;
• raw material base together with 20 agrarian cooperatives;
• developed logistic net plus terminal connection railway/truck.

• Global Crop Sp.z.o.o. was founded in Warsaw;
• an office complex was opened;
• 2 production units and the technical laboratory set to work;
• new activity — investment for production of agricultural products;
• new production facilities for receiving and storing products were introduced at the plant;
• updated 2 warehouses each 1000m²;
• increased production capacity for pressing of oilseeds.

Company «Global Crop Sp.z.o.o.» is beginning the GMP+ certification process. Many raw materials for feed products will be offered under GMP+ standards in the new season (harvest 2022).