Use nature health for food and feed

Natural growing and processing with multi-non: non-GMO,
non-pesticides, non-defects

Grain and seeds for safety of health

High standart of kernel-cleaning, oilseeds-pressing, goods-storage

Be holder of safe production processes

Supplying in time of assortment, quality, services

The company’s activity is production and wholesale of grain and seeds for the food and feed industries. Global Crop works on providing customers with high-quality and healthy raw materials. Each year the European market increases production and quality standards of goods. Thanks to strict control of cultivation, processing, storage of grain, seeds, semi-products Global Crop covers the consumers’ demands to make the animal and human world more healthy, safe and well-fed.

About us

Product catalog

We offer a smell and taste of clean cultivation, modern processing, careful supply of cereals, seeds and semi-products.

Apple pomace

Millet hulled

Oat bran

Mustard yellow

Rapeseed meal

Sunflower meal

Soy meal

Soy bean

Rape seed

Sunflower striped

Sunflower black


Wheat soft

Wheat Durum

Oat naked

Mustard brown

Mustard oriental



Pea yellow

Rapeseed cake

Linseed cake

Linseed oil

Linseed brown

Pea green

Soy oil crude

Linseed yellow

Pea field

Lupine white

Millet yellow

Millet red


Sorghum white


Sorghum red

Lentil green

Lentil red

Sunflower gray


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02-729 Warsaw Poland

+48 22 6022021